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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Well another weekend, not much going on around here. Megan's dance turned into a turn of events! I wasn't going to get into this but will the issue ever change. Why must we cut each other up. No one wants to admit that regardless of what you might think we are all one!

Where does color issue began? It begins at home! The children pick up on our predigest. If we say bad things about someone's race the kids pick up on it! They do this and really don't no why. No one seems to care of the pain this action causes in a young child!

Yesterday at school Megan had her evening planed. One of her so called girl friends was coming home with her and they were going to the dance together. This fell apart during the day because Megan befriended a black class mate! Her friend didn't want anything to do with her because of this. Megan was very upset and told me that she has a right to chose her friends. I agree with her 100%! I told her that her friend was not much of a friend for her behavior. You could see the pain in Megan's eyes. I can imagine how the black girl must have felt.

Megan went to the dance with her new friend, and her old friends shied away from her! I was thankful that her little boyfriend stayed with her. She had fun despite this sad turn of events. I pray that our Lord will forgive us for what we do to each other!

Thought for the day, "prayer is needed for our children and in families. Love begins at home and that is why it is important to pray together. If you pray together you will stay together and love each other as God loves each one of you." Mother Teresa.


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