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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Have you ever placed yourself in the Sean of a once thriving community? I did that this week with Pompeii! I ran across a web sight that gave a guided tour of the town.
This was a village of wealth and leisure. The homes were lavish and the epitomize of their time. Wonderful mosaics and paintings still exist today giving a glimpse into the past of this most unusual town.

By Christian standers the town got what it deserved in its destruction by the firry volcano! The destruction was mind bloging consuming the whole town! The destructive force of the Vesuvius volcano lasted for more than twenty-four hours and had tremors for days after.
Pompeii was also a port town and people from all over walked her cobblestone streets

The eastern part of town was home to the ever popular Roman coliseum. Where blood baths were a common assurance and brought thrills to the Roman thirst for violent endings!
Worm baths, gambling and prostitution were a person could forget the changing world for a brief time. This was in truth the first of the Famous Roman Holiday!

Thought for the day, towns like Pompeii have sprung up all over the world and are still existing today but are more undercover from the gaze of a often confused society. Christian virtue will not condone such despicable action by a subculture. To take part in this dream like world is to be dammed forever by religious care takers who proclaimed God loves you just as you are!


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