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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Good morning every one, still having trouble sleeping! I have already checked all e-mail accounts and today's headlines. I hope it doesn't go down hill from here! LOL!
I got the front cut at the lake yesterday and will do the lake side today. Hard to believe how fast the grass grows. I thought it had slowed down! Ha, it still took six hours to cut the front!

I got through around 2:00pm and walked to the lake front beach to visit with bil. He and his wife and her brother were relaxing on the beach! We talked about getting the new lawn mower. I told him all the work I had done looking at them and gave him a price range from 8m to 12m and he said can't you find any used ones! DUH! I haven't been looking for used ones! We have two tractors down now for extensive repair and I am burning up the 18hp Craftsman. When it goes the grass grows!!!!!

Bil got out his boat yesterday to impress his bil! He has a Master craft. I went for a rider around the lake with them. Man they have build quite a few new homes séance the last time I have been around the lake by boat. I had my camera with me but left it in the car! Darn!

Thought for the day, grandpa use to say son, if you have problems getting people to make a decision, think of how grandma milks Old Betsy!


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