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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Shelly and Magen

Good morning everyone, happy hump day! I have been asked several times if we had damage from Katrina, Yes but not near as bad as some! We had a limb fall on the house, my wife's car and the power line coming into the house. So far I have not gotten any one to come out to access the damage. We got my wife's car back from the body shop yesterday. Looks like they did a good job, for what it coast I would hope so!

Complaints of gas in the area is wide spread. It looks like the oil distributors are going to milk this for all they can! I saw another major location station closed yesterday. No gas! Many have only their premium gas open. I haven't seen regular in a week now.

All this reminds me of the fishing hot spot! On the river you can run onto a school of fish and catch your limit real quick. When people see you hitting fish after fish they all come running. Soon every one on the river is around you fishing. That's the way it is now around town at the gas stations. I think they call this free enterprise! Not funny! Sell premium only, that's where the most profit is at! Many of these stations sell very little premium because it is higher and you car doesn't need it. All the newer cars on the road today run regular. They no you will have to buy it if you drive your car!
On a brighter note! I play golf today and will do my best to forget about people gouging others. It's a shame, when you have no choice! Hey is Big Brother watching you?

Thought for the day, today is Shelley's birth day my thoughts go back to her child hood. She was such a happy little girl! I have no idea what happened!


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