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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

What a wonderful labor day, weather wise, I have seen in a long time. The lake was busy with jet skies buzzing around all over. No skiers though, it looks like every one has the large tubes to pull people around on. Megan and her friends enjoyed that, and she admits when the boat gets real fast she gets scared!
All the grass is cut again! My son came down long enough to cut up a couple of fallen trees. I have stacks of branches all over the place. We have one area we normally burn at but there is so much, I think I will burn this fall right where the stacks are at. Sure would save a lot of haling to the main pile.

My first attempt selling on e-bay was a dud! Time ran out yesterday with no bids. I thought sure the coins I listed would sell quick! The only one that made out was E-bay! They get their money up front regardless. I think the coin listing on their sight is just too big. I no I wouldn't take the time to go through forty thousand entries. There has got to be a better way!

I saw a first yesterday in our area! A service station closed, in a busy area of our town. No gas few customers. NO profit! I read on the net that the power investors believe the oil industry is heading far a bust! Oil prices will be back to twenty-five to thirty dollars!

I far one, want to see the use of gas for autos disappear! The people have been gauged by the industry and the TAX mongers. Course no mater what there will be TAX!

I hope your team won at football this weekend. Ours split! U of A. won and Auburn lost. So much for another 12/0 season! Would you believe I have no idea who won at golf this weekend. I have been to busy to watch. LOL, happy labor Day!

Thought for the day, "what profit is there in gaining the whole world and loosing your soul in the process!"


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