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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Megan has a friend staying over night I think they may have just now gone to bed! Allison has stuck to them like glue. Laughing and wonting so much to be in on every thing they do. She is only four but will hang in there with them. So far the girls have let her hang with them I hope that last through the day. Allison doesn't no what to think about all the giggling. neither do I!

Scott wants to go with me this morning to cut grass at the church. This was a surprise but I think it would be good for him. All he does is sit around the house all weekend.

Last night on almost every TV channel they had some one doing a concert to raze money for the golf coast. No doughty they need it. The stories that keep coming out of the area are heart rending. Seeing the bodies lying around all over is a Sean I want forget!

I have nothing planed for the weekend. Paul one of my best friends is back from Ohio. They have spent the summer there. More than likely we will go to La Fracas for supper I haven't been there since they left!

Have a good weekend no that I think of each of you always!

Thought for the day, as summer winds down, spring seems so far away!


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