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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hey every one, just a short not to let you no I'm thinking about you! today I spent five hours cleanings out overhanging shrubs from in front of our pastors house. I saw it needed it when I was picking up limbs Friday. Man was it hot I had to stop several times and rest.

I have a date with thorn bushes in the morning! My friend Paul needs some help with the thorns, they were never cut all summer. He has been doing it, so it was left for his return. It is just to much to do by yourself! I told him I would help till around 6:15 then I have got to get Megan up to the bus stop. I am meeting him at 2:00am! He wants to get as much as he can before it gets hot. The church is well lighted so we will be able to see.

When I drop off Megan, I am heading to the lake to get the front cut. Thursday I will get the lake side. Wednesday is golf! I may go to the lake after that but I drought it. It's just to hot!

Thought for the day, what's the old saying "the harder I work the ferther behind I get!"


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