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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Good morning every one, I hear some of you are getting some rain! We need it bad! There is a slight chance of a thunder storm today but it's so wide spread not many will get any rain.

Golf went a lot better but I still didn't score much better! I was hitting the ball well put my putting went to pot. The greens are like concrete, hard and fast. You just touch the ball and it would roll 12 feet! LOL! (not funny).

Two of my golf buddies are heading fore Notary dame this morning for this weekend football game. I was asked to go along but I have to much here to do. So much for retirement. LOL! I am not complaining just to long of a ride for me. I had rather do what I'm doing.

I meet Paul this morning to start cutting the other row of orange thorn bushes. I am not looking forward to it but it has to be done! I will get some pictures today, if I don't forget the camera! Next week I think we will start on the twenty feet tall red tops. The motel next to us is complaining about them hanging over on their property! They are huge and about fifty yards long. This will be a heck of a job to cut them back to fence height!

Thought for the day, "It is nothing new or original to say that golf is played one stroke at a time. But it took me many strokes to realize it." Bobby Jon


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