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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Good morning every one, I have been with out internet service for two days! I have no idea what the problem was. You can't talk to a human anymore, everything is computer.

I was told the service had been restored to most of the Katrina divested area! Gees look mom we have internet, now if we only had a computer!
It looks like the Galveston area is heading the warning to get out! Rita is now a C5 and has the potential of extensive damage. My prayers and hopes go out to all in harm way! Generations forget the deaths caused by this kind of storm. Galveston was destroyed a hundred years ago by a hurricane! 2500 died in 1928 when a hurricane slammed Florida!

People love the coast so much they are willing to take the risk! I am not sure how the insurance industry feels about this! How can they keep putting out millions on storm damage? My grandsons other grandparents lost everything last year from a hurricane their insurance did not cover them. Now all they have is a lot in Orange beach that the haven't been able to sell. Not many will by where you can't get insurance!

Shaded dreams! This was their dream to live on the Gulf! Now all the have is a Camper on Logan Martin Lake! How do you start over when you have nothing left to start over with. I believe when this is all over the poor will be better off than they ever were!

I have been working at the church all week. Paul and I have all the hedges around the church and hall trimmed. We are taking today off from yard work. Paul has things he has to do and I have things I have to do. My insurance clam adjuster is coming by this morning. I have an estimate of around two grand to repair my electrical service. I haven't gotten any one to look at the roof yet. I cant tell if there is damage or not!

Thought for the day, count each moment as blessed, it may be your last!


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