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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Our temperature is starting to break! The long range forecast doesn’t show a 90*! Next week we are to get down into the fifties at night. It is amazing how we talk about the weather all the time and are completely at is every whem!

I feel somewhat better today from the poison ivy. The meds are starting to take effect although I still itch in places. Well this to will pass and none too soon to suit me!

The meds make me sleepy so I have been catching up on lost sleep! I need to send David the prescription so he can get caught up too! LOL!

Not much going on. We got my granddaughter and her kids settled in a trailer about four miles from us. I hope it works out for her. Looks like a nice place for the kids. They have a swing set out front and are not on a busy road.

Thought for the day, we lost another of our great golfers last night. George Archer, known in his day as one of the best putters ever! RIP George!


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