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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Good morning every one! A little bit better today but not good enough to play golf with the guys! I felt I needed to take a week off from anything physical. The doctor told Paul to stay away from the ivy for it least two weeks! We didn’t cut grass at church last week so this week is a must.

Speaking of cutting grass. I never got our lawn mower repaired! Our grass needs cut this week also. I suppose I will go in to Sears today and get the parts and special tools to do the job.

I was up till 1:00am going over invoice files on my estate coin collection. What a job! I did sell one coin on e-bay. I am going to hold off e-bay the sell didn’t cover my cost of listing the coins. I am looking at other ways of liquidation. Looking through the invoices FIL. Sold all the Morgan silver and most of the gold coins. I see no record of how much they sold far but I do no the cost was well up there.

Thought for the day, good results most likely requires hard work. Some just have it handed to them!


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