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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a good Monday. I played golf and it was rather worm. They said our high was 87 but it felt more like 97!

We had a friend join us for nine holes. He’s 86 and doing great for his age! He just bought himself a new seat of Adams irons. Talking of positive thinking! I would love to think I have twenty-five more years to challenge this game!

I got a pick. Of the tool I was telling you about. I have no earthly idea what this is. May be Nana25 can shad some light on it? I have never seen anything like it! I also got a pick. Of a new Mascot for the golf room! He is pretty sharp but the hearts on his pants makes him a February guy!
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The boys and alley cat spent the night with us last night. The dogs were on guard all night! LOL!
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Thought for the day, the secret to a conversation with the opposite sex is often keeping you mouth shut!


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