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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Good morning everyone sure felt good to get back to doing something yesterday. We got all the propriety cut in five hours. Not bad considering it used to take days to get the job done. We don’t have to cut the football, baseball or soccer fields. This alone cuts a lot of time for us. The schools athletic boosters take care of the fields. We just cut around them, which is job enough. I saw an aerial view of our church propriety somewhere? I will see if I can find it and post it so you have an idea just how big of a job it is.

The rose garden is still calling me! I looked at it again yesterday. It looks pathetic! I have had several tell me it needs to be plowed over. I forgot to take the camera again for picks. I have never fooled with roses. What is left looks dead! It is a big garden and for some reason I am hesitant to get involved with it. I suppose it is because we have two abandon gardens that some one started then moved away or just stopped taking care of them.

I have meet a lady from Arizona on line who has two large gardens at home, sure wish she were here to advise me. Believe me or not I no a Horticulturist with the university that goes to our church! You would think he would love to take on this job.

Thought for the day, Scott and I are going to get our tractor going today, pray I don’t break his neck!


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