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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Good morning everyone, I spent most of the day at the lake yesterday waiting for the repairman from Sears to come. They came about 2:00pm and were done by 2:30pm. Replaced both mower deck mandrel and blades. One did the work the other watched! The one watching said he just drove the repair truck and did the paper work. Some how this seamed like such a waste of man power!

While waiting for the repair men I started reading First five people in heaven by Mich Albom. It is a delightful little book! I highly recommend it to you, enjoyable reading.

My BIL stopped by before I left and we agreed to cut one more time using the craftsmen mower. This should be the end of the cutting season at the lake. This winter we will try to get the best deal on a new mower. We want to at least cut the time in half told him I thought we could do better than that but it's going to coast more than the family wants to pay!

Thought for the day, how do you judge your day? By things you got done or the dreams of tomorrow!


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