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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Happy hump day every one! This week is ticking on by fast. This is fall brake in our area so Megan is at home all week. We should have gone to Chicago but no planes were made. I suppose in part because our daughter is coming down to Tennessee for this week.

From the end of Oct. on you have no idea about the weather. I sure don’t want to get into another snowstorm. JOJO came by last night to get her coupon from me for their motel. Her printer went out. Brand new Epson! She has never used it but her daughter had been using it? I am not going to comment on that! Anyway the motel had buy one night get one free with on line coupon! Not a bad deal at all.

I had told my daughter in Chicago that Jo looked badly due to her health and loosing so much wait. Well she turned around and told Jo I said that and she was up set. I told her she does look bad like she is sixty years old, her hair all frizzled out and skin and bones! She went through the roof! LOL! Then she agreed she was too then! Her job is running her health but she is making good money and don’t want to quit. I treed to tell her what good was it if she was sick all the time and looked like she was half dead! Some day I am going to learn to keep my mouth shut. LOL!

Any way, the pic. is of my new computer friend, Sandra. She is suppose to keep all the bugs out of my puter! Is she not the cutest thing you have ever seen? Today is grass-cutting day at the Lake. I am only cutting the front and around the house. BIL will cut the rest or it want get cut!

Thought for the day, am I my brother’s keeper? With all the disasters around the world I feel so helpless!


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