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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Not much going on, on the home front. I played golf Monday, cold and windy. I didn’t play well at all but it was good to get out with the guys. Chuck joined us; he is the one whose wife has the brain tumor. They just went through the scorpion venom project I told you about. It will take about four months to see if it did any good. She is having trouble talking and doing task around the house. What they have done is not a cure but may prolong her life a little longer.

I am having my lower track problems. I have Colitis, and it has flared up. The pain makes me sick at my stomach. Sounds like gloom and doom! LOL! Ha, this is life, if you live long enough most have problems.

Scott and I have been looking at lawn mowers again. Sat. we took a demo out to the lake. A Toro man it did the job but came up short! The darn thing broke a belt. Now I am wondering if we should not go with a drive shaft deck! Those darn belts are 75 bucks! I took couple of pics for you to see Scott in action! LOL!

Thought for the day, pain is a reminder that your human!


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