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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Good morning every one, I dreamed I went out and baught a new bike and car yesterday!

Japanese motorcycle giant Yamaha unveils the concept model of a high-performance hybrid motorcycle, the 'Gen-Ryu,' equipped with a 600cc engine and electric motor hybrid system which can achieve over 1,000cc class machine

Toyota Motor Corp. employee shows off its new fuel cell hybrid vehicle Fine-X during a press preview for Tokyo Motor Show in Makuhari, east of Tokyo October 19, 2005. The gull-shaped concept vehicle, with four independently steered

Big weekend here at home, Bama is playing Tennesse today! Always a good game! Tonight LSU plays our southern team War Eagle! If you like football today is your day.

Tiger, Tiger, may miss the cut, he has to burdie the last two holes! Don't think so!!!

Thought for the day even the best can sinck below the rest! Berma shave!


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