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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Good morning every one, well the elusive weekend is here! I hope you have big planes if not little ones are ok too. Yesterday I was sore all over from my workout routine but still went in and worked out. I want to keep three days a week if I can. Seems like there is always something too pull you away from your plans.

I meet Ed at church yesterday and we got ever thing cut. I was back home by 1:00pm. Our back needed cutting so I went out too cut and thought I would be through in time to catch golf at 2:00pm but by the time I got back in it was 3:30pm. Man time fly’s when your having fun! LOL!

I called our Toro lawn mower dealer and they told me they would let me have a demo to try at the lake. So I called BIL to try to get it worked out for him to be there. He he houd around and finally decided next Sat. It will not surprise me if this falls through. He would make an excellent politician; he never does what he says he will do!

Thought for the day, “strangers are just family you have yet to come to know”! Mitch Albom.


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