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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Good morning every one. Happy hump day! Today is our monthly seniors lunch at church and my friend Paul is going to give hey rides! LOL! He is giving hey rides for our pre school and kindergarten children this morning and said he will give the seniors a ride after lunch.
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I have never been on a hey ride. I remember the kids use to go on them in Chicago. They would bundle up and never complained about being cold. Now all the farms around where I use to live are all gone and huge warehouses are in their place. The old saying the only constant is change!

I built a new gate yesterday out back. Simple job but took all afternoon! LOL! Well it seamed like all afternoon. I started about 1:00pm and got through just in time to pick Megan up at 4:00pm. The old gate had a wooden frame and just rotted out. I had some 2” plumbing pipe (plastic). I thought this would be light and long lasting. It is much heavier than I thought it would be but should last a long time. The dogs didn’t seam to care one way or another! How ever Buddy crescent it right away. He lifted his leg on it and soaked it good!
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Thought for the day, some times I feel like Buddy, if you can’t do anything about it pee on it!


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