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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Hi gang hope all is well. We made it back ok Left at 7:00am got in at 7:00pm. Rain, rain, and more rain all the way to outside of Nashville Tenn. I had to push to make up time. We saw flocks of geese everywhere except in Bama. Large flocks I have never seen that many flying together. It was neat my webfeet felt at home!

The trip was good but we know better than traveling north in the winter. We would have been fine if my wife had not insisted on spending the night in Kentucky. I normally drive stright through. She thought with my health I would over do it. Little did we know that stop, was the worst thing we could have done.

Every one is fine, great-grandkids growing like weeds, and all three had a cold. Including their dad. My daughter had a great birthday the first time we have been together for her birthday in years. Her two sons still live at home and are quite happy there! They know how expensive it is to be on your on. So they are staying put. Neither has meat Miss Right yet. Jerry is 25 and Chris is 23.

Well any way like the little lady with the glass slippers said, there’s know place like HOME!

Thought for the day my granpa use to say son, if parting is such sweet sorrow do you have to cry!

Sunday, November 28, 2004


Hi gang hope every one is naving a good weekend. Time is flying! Today is our last day in Chicago. We were going to leave today but tomorrow is my daughters birth day. I thought it would be nice to stay for her. It will be eight or nine months before we see them again.

I didn't post here yesterday. Bloger wouldn't let me in. Funy it would let me in over at boydcreek2 but not here. I tried all afternoon. It kept telling me to sign in? I even tried with a southern accent... didn't work! We are going by the greatgrand kids today. Those three boys are a mess. Five, three and one!

Thought for the day, did you know smiling is contages!

Friday, November 26, 2004


Hi gang not much to say except I wana go home! No we enjoy visiting with my daughter. Her and her mom have been shopping all day. They did come home to eat. I am being the couch potato! Ball games and movirs. A little golf from Koreia. I hope every one has had a good dat of shopping!

Thought for the day. the bigest smile of all today was the credit card companys!

Thursday, November 25, 2004


Hi gang just a short post from the ice land curently called Chicago! We finaly got here after driveing over five hours in ice and snow. We are safe and sound and just got through with a wonderful meal. Thank all of you for your well wishes! I tried to get around to all today but helo scan is not workin on a lot of sites. I hope every one has a wonderful day.

Thought for the day, who said go to Chicago for Thanksgiving?

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Hi gang hope everyone has had a good day. Short post tonight I am leaving for Chicago in a couple of hours. I want to try to beat the next thunderstorm.

I ran across another disturbin artical today about ABUSE the worest kind sexual! I saved the link for you to read. How do you change a culture that excepts this day in and day out! Must read.

Thought for the day,I have never thought of looking at some one could be abuse!

Monday, November 22, 2004

Noe is the Time

Hi gang Monday down I hope you had a good one. Rain, rain,and rain that's has been the word around here and out west. Texas realy got soked! How do you survive a flood. It has to be terable. I have known a couple Chicago who lived close to a creek and it flooded their place. They had wateer over their window seal. The whole comunity jumped in to help them. They sold that place and moved to Herican alley! Go

Well I ran across a great artical today on Cameras for all of you who have been holding back waiting for the lates thing out go take a look.

Thought for the day, my grandpa use to say son look for high ground to live on becouse the threat of flooding. So here I am living in a hole next to Boyd Creek. Hey, I am on a hill top though!

Sunday, November 21, 2004


Hi gang the weekend is about over I hope every one has enjoyed themselves. As always it just went by too fast. It's like the old saying don't blink you'll miss it!

Well Annika won her match in a play off. Tiger won his match walking away. He might have to join the Japanese tour! HAha! Just a little humor Tiger!

Blogwalking today I came across another terrific article for you guys to read. This one covers a lot of ground...

WHO The World Health Organization Is doing a study of six mothers to be in Bolivia, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Laos and the UK. Six different stories about giving birth in their home country. I think you will find as I did a lot of food for thought.

Thought for the day, think what it would be like to be in these ladies shoes!
Read their story here.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

rusty Iron Bowl

Hi gang I hope every one has had a good Saturday. There were so many good foot ball games on I don't no what happened in golf. Is Annika still on top. Who is leading in the in the run for the cup? I have got to get around and find out what is going on.

We have the Iron Bowl blues Bama lost to the Tigers but they played good. We are proud of booth teams! It is always one of the best games of the year bar none!

Thought for the day, my granpa use to say son, loosing the iron bowl is like sucking a persimmon you have a bad taste all year!

Friday, November 19, 2004


Hi gang how was your day? It has rained here all day long! I have to send the dogs out with water wings. They sure don’t like to get their feet wet but love to go swimming. Go figure! We have a parade tonight. A barn-fire and activities in preparation for the Iron Bowl game tomorrow. Course we have RAIN too. There are about 75,000 more people in town tonight. Tomorrow there will be 85,000 plus. In other words we are going to put 170,000 people in a 76,000 people bag! My son is working over tonight where he works as a guard. He will be there most of the night. I will not leave the house tonight! No buddy!

My grand daughter got to go home from the hospital today. It took a day and a half to get her stabilized! After running all kinds of test and pumping her full of antibiotics, she has some strand of a various! She had high fever (105*) aching all over and severe head ach! They feel the twins and their sister will be ok. What a week!

Thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers. It will take her a few days to get back on her feet.

Thought for the day, somehow I still managed to smile today blogwalking!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Come fly with me

Hi gang can you believe it is Friday already! Like that guy that says “I can’t believe it’s not butter.” I suppose it’s like the old saying ‘time flies when your having fun.’ We have rain moving in they are forecasting rain for the next week! I will have to hang a happy face on this puter!

These are exciting times we’re living in. I have so many things to talk about but I am going to choose only one. There is a lot happening in science, electronics, transportation but I am picking one that is really two!

Art and architecture, how wonderful when combined to make a masterpiece. Fest your eyes on this marvel of engineering…

An epic works of art ... the Grand Viaduc du Millau.

Come fly with me

Inspired by the Eiffel Tower, Norman Foster has created one of the world's most breathtaking bridges

This span of bridge only takes about a minute to cross but it has transparent curtains. You can see all around. It is a great story and I don’t want to spoil it for you. Here is the link you must read the story! Enjoy my friends.

Thought for the day, I have a granddaughter in the hospital with some kind of various my prayers and thoughts are with her!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Winner Is…

Hi gang hope every one has had a good hump day. Turned out to be a nice day here today. I believe it got to 70* worm enough to wash the car. I over heard a conversation with a flock of birds. They said as they were flying over, hey look at that Chevy down there. Less get a better look. So they landed in my big oak tree and hopped around looking and commenting. I bet you didn’t know that when a flock of birds talk they CRAP! Imagine for a moment listening to the birds talk. Hey look squirt at that shine squirt! Yea man squirt I bet he didn’t do that job himself squirt! Squirt, squirt hahaha you got squirt that right! Bjess look squirt at all the squirt spots, he will have to squirt wash squirt, squirt his car again squirt!
About this time I come out the door and they all fly of squirting and laughing.

Did all of you here who the sexist man alive award went to…

Yep Jude Law!

I think you already know the sexist woman was…

Angelina Jolie.

Thought for the day, I didn’t agree with them for the lady my choice is over at BoydCreek2 have a look but guess first!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Hi gang man where did the day go! I made a quick trip into town to drop off my air pump for adjustment. Stopped and made ten pictures from Scots birth day. The whole time I was gone I had the most unease feeling! I can’t explain it. I just wanted to get home. My daughter called and I had to go get Megan at school. I sure didn’t want to go back out. Now I am getting a dull headache.

I watched part of the hall of fame induction today at the World Golf Hall of Fame. What a treat! I heard the acceptance speech of Marlene Stewart Street becoming the first Canadian in World Golf Hall of Fame. What a dedicated lady, I enjoyed her speech so much.

Here is a link to her induction if you care to read more.

Thought for the day, what a joy it’s to look back and say yep, been there and done that!

Monday, November 15, 2004


Hi gang I hope every one has had a good day. I played golf today and it turned out to be a nice day. It was cool starting off but got up to about 67*, ideal golf weather. One of our guys is on jury duty this week, so a young man from Alabama Power joined us. He hit the ball further than we could see. You have heard the phone commercial “ can you hear me now” we spent the whole round saying did you see it! This young man had POWER to spare.

I have a joke for the girls, I keep forgetting to post, and tonight is the night.

Thought for the day, roses are red the sky is blue; wish Leslie a Happy Birth Day. She will be glade to here from you!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Tuscaloosa on the Black Warrior

Hi gang I hope every one has had a good weekend. Sunday is flying by. I have not given you any thing on my area in a while so tonight I am giving you a little history on the town and the river that runs through it know as ‘THE BLACK WARRIOR.

The river has played an important part in the history of the area all the way back to the Indians who lived here long before the white men came. I live two miles off the river called Holt/Peterson. The area has boomed economically over the last twenty years. Small but not to small we have just about everything a city could ask for.

This is a block drawing of the river down to Mobile Al.

These are some links for you to learn more about where I live. We love it and I hope you enjoy your journey through Tuscaloosa Alabama.


Black Warrior

Black Warrior org.

Thought for the day, have you ever felt like you was sand slipping through an hourglass!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

‘One more Time’

Hi gang I am late again tonight we went to Church and then to Los Toroscos for super. Pique I am as full as a tick on a coon dog! Yea Buddy! You have heard he can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Well I can’t think on a full stomach!

I screwed up last night not saying a word about Go ogle and MSN. As you all know by now Mr. Gates is not happy that Google is making all this add money off their search engine so he came out with his on instead of using Yahoos. This past Thursday the Bata version was launched with five billion pages to Googles four and one half billion. The same day Google lunched additional pages boosting theirs to five billion pages. It seams Mr. Gates wants to be on the cutting age of Tec. So he can move in any direction. After all he only earned 38 billion so far this year! 2005 will be an interesting year for high Tec. And you can make a safe bet Mr. Gates will be there.

I have a lot of friends in Georgia but Auburn had NO. ONE on their mind tonight wining 24/6 I belive was the final I didn’t see the end. Auburn roils into my town next week for the IRON BOWL. One of the hardest fought football games you will ever see. If they win they will have an undefeated season! The Tide has a lot of ingeries but you can bet they want to knock off Auburn bad!

Thought for the day, I saw the sun shine far a total of three minutes today the first time in a week!

Friday, November 12, 2004


Hi gang I keep getting later and later. Yuck day here today but hey I am here and thankful. There is so much going on now it will make you head swim if you try to take it all in. Sometimes I just want to leave the TV off and don't go get the paper. Stay away from all the news on the net and just blog surf. All of you have such great sights and keep improving. Thank you for your hard work. I for one enjoy it. The weekend is here all of you rest and enjoy. See you on the flip side!

Thought for the day, some days I just want to be an ostrich and stick my head in the sand!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

'I almost forgot'

Hi gang I am trying out a new IP today and have bounced all over seeing what it will do. I also put in FIREFOX. Today has been a blur for me. The only thing I have accomplished was to find me a scat cat mat for the car. My cats are scratching the car up bad. I can't keep them off! I hope every one has had a great veterans/remembrance day.

Thought for the day, some times you get so caught up in what you are doing the world passes you by!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Hi gang hope old hump day didn't get you Down. Today has Been like a blur! Don't ask what I have been doing. It seams like I just got up not long ago and here it is dark out already. Still have not gotten my car back. I have not heard from them. In the morning I will call and find out what is going on.

Tomorrow is veterans day, take time to reflect the great coast of our freedom! I found this link today check it out for a bit of history and why this is such an important day.

Thought for the day, a wise person once said a strong defense is a strong offense!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Hi gang this week is chugging on by. Hump day is upon us. I hope every one has had a good day. Mine has been reflective. I put the car back in the shop this morning and have made up my mind that I will keep taking it back until they fix it! Or run me out of town.

Most of you will remember today in history. “Mr. Gorbashef tare down this wall!” The wall is gone now and so is the man who helped that statement become a reality. November 9, 1989. The Berlin wall was taken down. Just think of all that has happened in the last fifteen years! Now we have a new wall to contend with will it keep Terrorist out I think not but it will divide them deeper and slow down the killings. Can you think what it must be like to live where you don’t know from one day to the next if someone will kill you!

Thought for the day, must peace only come with death!

Monday, November 08, 2004


Hi gang Monday down and counting! Today turned out to be a nice day but windy. I am not a wind player at golf. You hit the ball and it may go twenty yards of center. Being as I am off center any way there is no telling where the ball will go. Putting even was effected today the wind was gusting most of the time.

It’s sort of like the guy who asked, how was your weekend? Oh I spent most of the time in the woods! Oh, you were camping? No golfing!

After playing our round today one of my buddies wanted us to come by his house to see sun spots through his new six inch telescope. Have you ever done that? It was neat. Did you know some of those spot are millions of miles across?

If you would like to read more about sunspots here is a link for you.

Thought for the day, it is difficult for the mind to grasp our enormous surroundings!

Sunday, November 07, 2004


Hi gang I hope everyone has had a good weekend! It sure went by fast. I am thinking about writing a book titled ‘How to have a five day weekend in two days’ First chapter It ant easy!

Well so much is going on around blogvile it’s hard to keep up we have colds, flu bugs, travel planes and those that are traveling. Then you have those like me straining to get on the golf course tomorrow morning!

How fast is fast? Well less see you have fast, faster and fastest. None of thes words are adequate to describe TERAFLOP!

The US is poised to push Japan off the top of the supercomputing chart with IBM's prototype Blue Gene/L machine.
It is being assembled for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, a US Department of Energy lab (DOE). DOE test results show that Blue Gene/L has managed speeds of 70.72 teraflops. The current top machine, Japan's NEC Earth Simulator, clocks up 35.86.

Fast folks this is Bata! It is only 1/10 of the full version
Its peak performance is expected to be 360 teraflops, and will fit into 64 full racks. It will also cut down on the amount of heat generated by the massive power, a big problem for supercomputers.

IBM's senior vice president of technology and manufacturing, Nick Donofrio, believes that by 2006, Blue Gene will be capable of petaflop computing.
This means it would be capable of doing 1,000 trillion operations a second.
"When you get a computer as large as a petaflop, you can start to think of simulations that might complement the physical world," Mr. Donofrio recently told the BBC News website.
How fast is fast…. To read more go to BBC

Thought for the day, I have never been able to phantom the universe now we have petaflop!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Love Story

Hi gang time is a flying! It’s hard to believe the weekend is half over. Has any one noticed who is on top of the leader board at the PGA Tour Championship? I will give you a hint he just got married.

Ah love is in the air crisp and cool with worm cutely blankets. The picture from yesterday was from the movie “Somewhere in Time”. I thought it was great!

Thought for the day, I listen to someone today explain how they saw there art work before it was finished!

Friday, November 05, 2004


Hi gang well another week down the tube. I hope you have had a good one. Not to good for my bank account! Buddy had his last shots, Sugar has a kidney infection and my heater went out again. We got up this morning and it was 45* in the house. No wander I got cold last night. Just to see if I would blow my cool the new car wouldn’t start again!

We are always talking about I like this book, song or movie all the time. I have been thinking of this movie for a while. It is one of my all time favorites! I will share this seen with you to see if you know which one it is. Tomorrow I will show you the Stars in the movie…

Thought for the day, time and time again I say it could have been worse!

Thursday, November 04, 2004


Hi gang I started to post last night and got caught by a thunder storm. The power went of and yap, I lost my post and glade it did not make this puter worse than it is. The power came back on right away but we were without phone service until this morning. Before that I could not get into Bloger to post! So what a hump day!

We here all the time about how bad this and that is. We take so so much for granted. People need to visit places around the world to find out just how well of we are. The internet provides this opportunity. How do you get all these complainers to get on board! I ran across this little village and was impressed at how they are giving the women a chance to excel at a difficult trade of weaving by hand...

I lost the link to the story but any way their material is being sold in Italy for high fashion desiners. They love there work. The ladies are earning more than the men who are farmers in their town. They are able to do things like never before. Great story. No slave labor here. I just hope they are getting what their hard work is worth.

Thought for the day, if at first you don't suicide try try again!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Hi gang due to the pressure of the election I want to keep it light. Have a good evening!

Not long after their wedding, Scott and Tracy awoke early one morning. The couple had been up for quite a while before they met up in the kitchen. Marriage was agreeing with Scott, and he greeted his new wife with glee and excitement that morning.
"If you'll make the toast and pour the juice, sweetheart," said Tracy, the newlywed bride, "breakfast will be ready."
"Great! What are we having for breakfast?" asked Scott.
"Toast and juice," replied Tracy
Thought for the day, all those complaining have there chance to vote today how many will?

Monday, November 01, 2004


Hi gang hope every one didn't eat too much CANDY! I thought I had better get some pics. up before I forget it. Enjoy.

Granddaughter back right and her best friend. Also My great-granddaughter.

The twins with their mom and sister.

The Birthday boy my baby of the family rare pic. He hates to have his pic. Taken.

Thought for the day, holidays are fun but sure ware you out!