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Saturday, November 13, 2004

‘One more Time’

Hi gang I am late again tonight we went to Church and then to Los Toroscos for super. Pique I am as full as a tick on a coon dog! Yea Buddy! You have heard he can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Well I can’t think on a full stomach!

I screwed up last night not saying a word about Go ogle and MSN. As you all know by now Mr. Gates is not happy that Google is making all this add money off their search engine so he came out with his on instead of using Yahoos. This past Thursday the Bata version was launched with five billion pages to Googles four and one half billion. The same day Google lunched additional pages boosting theirs to five billion pages. It seams Mr. Gates wants to be on the cutting age of Tec. So he can move in any direction. After all he only earned 38 billion so far this year! 2005 will be an interesting year for high Tec. And you can make a safe bet Mr. Gates will be there.

I have a lot of friends in Georgia but Auburn had NO. ONE on their mind tonight wining 24/6 I belive was the final I didn’t see the end. Auburn roils into my town next week for the IRON BOWL. One of the hardest fought football games you will ever see. If they win they will have an undefeated season! The Tide has a lot of ingeries but you can bet they want to knock off Auburn bad!

Thought for the day, I saw the sun shine far a total of three minutes today the first time in a week!


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