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Thursday, November 04, 2004


Hi gang I started to post last night and got caught by a thunder storm. The power went of and yap, I lost my post and glade it did not make this puter worse than it is. The power came back on right away but we were without phone service until this morning. Before that I could not get into Bloger to post! So what a hump day!

We here all the time about how bad this and that is. We take so so much for granted. People need to visit places around the world to find out just how well of we are. The internet provides this opportunity. How do you get all these complainers to get on board! I ran across this little village and was impressed at how they are giving the women a chance to excel at a difficult trade of weaving by hand...

I lost the link to the story but any way their material is being sold in Italy for high fashion desiners. They love there work. The ladies are earning more than the men who are farmers in their town. They are able to do things like never before. Great story. No slave labor here. I just hope they are getting what their hard work is worth.

Thought for the day, if at first you don't suicide try try again!


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