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Thursday, October 28, 2004


Higang I am late tonight. Just have not been able to get my act togather this evening. I had a great day not a hole lot of pain, got my walk in plus some streaching. I think all the fresh air went to my head. My granpa use to say son, breath deeply of Mother Natures fresh air. It will always give you a high!

I no all of you have seen or heard of the TV show extream make over. I ran across this today...!

It's the ultimate in home repair: hundreds of rooms, a century of fire damage and neglect - and steadily mounting wear and tear from 7 million visitors a year. China is at work on the first full-scale effort to restore the imperial grandeur of its 584-year-old Forbidden City, the world's biggest palace and former residence of 24 emperors...

Thought for the day, having a good day is like health in the bank!


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