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Saturday, October 23, 2004


Hi gang I was going to get an early start on the yard this morning but started blog walking. You no once you start it’s hard as heck to stop. I read so many great blogs I just love them and look forward to your post every day.

We enter the prison on Friday, Sat., and Sunday 7 to around 7 it is a long
Day but goes by fast. They have pill call morning, noon and night. I had worked several weekends but this was the first one where we got into the medication. The inmates shared what they were taking and why. Not all would talk about it.

Sating next to me was a large verry muscular man who worked out with weights every day. He was in the best shape of his life. After getting his medication and taking it, he looked at me and said, I will be ok in a few minutes.

I ask him if he was feeling bad and he said no but was starting to feel jumpy. I didn’t know what to say, he said when he gets like that he knows he has to have his medication. Without it he would have to be locked up because he becomes violent!

He was a perfect gentleman. Well mannered and was involved in all our table discussing. We became friends and had our free time together. I was glade he was my friend you would not want to be on his bad side.

It was a great weekend a lot of men came closer to their faith that weekend. My friend did too. On Sunday after noon my friend knew we would be leaving soon and wanted to talk. He ask me if I wanted to know what he was in far? This is something we don’t ask on the weekend. If they want to share we leave that up to them.

I killed my wife! I don’t know why but I was not shocked at his statement. He went on to say he had some problems and got off his medication. He and his wife got into an argument and he in a fit of rage killed her. I would have killed again if not taken into custody. I have the rest of my life to think about what I have done. I no I am forgiven by God but it is hard to forgive myself!

These are old statistics I sure the numbers are higher now. In 1996 there were 18 million in America with mental illness! In most cases with the proper treatment these people can live a happy productive life. They are not a threat to the society.

It takes dedicated people to work with the mentally ill. This is something you must love to do or you should not be evolved at all! I cannot over info size this. It breaks my heart when I hear some one say kill him. That’s the answer for his crime. If that is the answer my friends why are all our prisons full and we are trying to find money to build more!

KILL the unborn, mentally ill, crippled and yes even the old aged what good are they!

I said I was not going to preach! I just hurt inside for all those who can’t help themselves! Shalom!

Thought for the day, there is only one peace that the world has yet to understand!


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