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Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Hi gang hope every one had a good hump day! Can you belief I won playing golf today. My game stunk theirs was one shoot worse! I just shook my head. On the course today it was windy and cool. The sun was suppose to be out this afternoon. Some one forgot to tell the clouds that! I went to the Chevy dealership after golf...

I did not sleep good last night thinking what on am going to tell the Service Manager. He was at lunch when I got there had to wait 45 minutes. So I was not in a very good mood when he came back. I introduced my self and started telling him my problem and he said the funniest thing...

What did you say I asked in amazement! I SAID WE WILL TAKE CARE OF IT!
I just stood there grinning! Can you bring the car in first thing in the morning. Yes sir I will have the car here. I said good by went to the car to go home and it would not start! He put a mechanic on it right away. Four hours later I got the car back with That should take care of it! NO CHARGE! (smile)

Thought for the day, some time you just expect the worse!


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