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Friday, October 08, 2004


Hi gang you made it, for our friends up north they have a long weekend, something about being different than the yanks. Thanksgiving in October! Just think they get to scare everyone on a full stomach!

This has been one of those so-so weeks not long but not short. Our cool spell is going to extend into next week. Now if we could just keep it this way. Wander whom you have to talk to in the weather department.

This week the oil price hit the all time high $52.00 a barrel. You will see this ripple around the world. Haven’t you heard it’s time to buy new Rolls Ross in that area? They are not cheap, when you have to match the color with a new castle and Lear jet!

Mercedes to the rescue! There answers buy a midget SUV. That’s right a micro bug excuse me micro car. Also known as smart cars or Fortwos. Mexico has had them for a year. Canada will get them this fall. A dealer in California wants to import 15,000 and hack up the engine to meet US standards. Folks you want to go from this…

To this…

Great gas mileage 70mpg. All plastic, has passed a 40mph collision test in Europe! Cute little bugger isn’t it!

Does this entire sound familiar to you? It should Honda and Toyota started this way and went all the way to the Lexes and Infinity!

You might say yea but Mercedes is already there! You are so observant!

Never fear gang General Motors to the Rescue!

Now before you get frustrated! It has bigger tires, more horse power (twin V-10s). A bigger gas tank (150gal.) Capable of keeping up with the big rigs. Comes standard with a Cobra CB Radio and 5kw kicker! You will be the envy of the turnpike!

Thought for the day, it's a mad mad world out ther gang!


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