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Sunday, October 03, 2004


Hi gang hope all of you have had a great day! Needless to say it has flashed by my eyes! Oh well I am going to live to be at least 104 based on my mom prediction.

L = P X A div. by A + NP = 104

Where P = Perdition
A = age
NP = Number of years past prediction

P = 40 (in decades 4)
A = Age
NP = Years past prediction

Now to the real math that could shake the world!

Mathematical breakthrough could bring disaster for ecommerce
Solution to Riemann hypothesis could crack cryptography
Mark Samuels, Computing 07 Sep 2004

Mathematicians are close to solving a 150 year-old theory - and the solution could add up to problems for Internet commerce.
The Riemann hypothesis, formulated by George Friedrich Bernhard Riemann in 1859, would explain the apparently random pattern of prime numbers.
Such numbers are the key to Internet cryptography and help banks keep customer's credit card data safe and secure.

Louis de Branges, a French-born mathematician at Purdue University in the US, has claimed to have proof of the Riemann hypothesis, according to The Guardian.
The hypothesis is one of seven 'millennium problems'

Thought for the day, my granpa use to say son, if you can’t figure it out on your hands take of your shoes!


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