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Thursday, September 30, 2004


Hi gang hope every one has had a good day. Last day of the month man did September fly by! My leaves are starting to get serious about falling. We have a cold snap coming through it will hit low 50s tonight. Now I know for most of you this is still worm. To me it means throw another blanket on the bed! Close the windows and reset the thermostat on the heater.

Old Author in my bones does not like cold weather. I chervil up like an old prune! This time of the year is hard on the golfers too. Makes it hard to find your ball in all the leaves.

One thing for sure winter is coming might as well get ready for it. For all you guys out there I am posting a little something for all the ladies who are always asking why? Now I am not saying don’t read it. I am saying they are all going to be yearling at me tomorrow. They all know I would never say any thing to offend any one. Heck you got to laugh to keep the pain down!

Tomorrow I will post something special for you guys.

Thought for the day, my granpa use to say son, as you get older you will find you have good days and bad days. What’s important is learning to balance them out!


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