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Sunday, November 07, 2004


Hi gang I hope everyone has had a good weekend! It sure went by fast. I am thinking about writing a book titled ‘How to have a five day weekend in two days’ First chapter It ant easy!

Well so much is going on around blogvile it’s hard to keep up we have colds, flu bugs, travel planes and those that are traveling. Then you have those like me straining to get on the golf course tomorrow morning!

How fast is fast? Well less see you have fast, faster and fastest. None of thes words are adequate to describe TERAFLOP!

The US is poised to push Japan off the top of the supercomputing chart with IBM's prototype Blue Gene/L machine.
It is being assembled for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, a US Department of Energy lab (DOE). DOE test results show that Blue Gene/L has managed speeds of 70.72 teraflops. The current top machine, Japan's NEC Earth Simulator, clocks up 35.86.

Fast folks this is Bata! It is only 1/10 of the full version
Its peak performance is expected to be 360 teraflops, and will fit into 64 full racks. It will also cut down on the amount of heat generated by the massive power, a big problem for supercomputers.

IBM's senior vice president of technology and manufacturing, Nick Donofrio, believes that by 2006, Blue Gene will be capable of petaflop computing.
This means it would be capable of doing 1,000 trillion operations a second.
"When you get a computer as large as a petaflop, you can start to think of simulations that might complement the physical world," Mr. Donofrio recently told the BBC News website.
How fast is fast…. To read more go to BBC

Thought for the day, I have never been able to phantom the universe now we have petaflop!


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