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Friday, November 19, 2004


Hi gang how was your day? It has rained here all day long! I have to send the dogs out with water wings. They sure don’t like to get their feet wet but love to go swimming. Go figure! We have a parade tonight. A barn-fire and activities in preparation for the Iron Bowl game tomorrow. Course we have RAIN too. There are about 75,000 more people in town tonight. Tomorrow there will be 85,000 plus. In other words we are going to put 170,000 people in a 76,000 people bag! My son is working over tonight where he works as a guard. He will be there most of the night. I will not leave the house tonight! No buddy!

My grand daughter got to go home from the hospital today. It took a day and a half to get her stabilized! After running all kinds of test and pumping her full of antibiotics, she has some strand of a various! She had high fever (105*) aching all over and severe head ach! They feel the twins and their sister will be ok. What a week!

Thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers. It will take her a few days to get back on her feet.

Thought for the day, somehow I still managed to smile today blogwalking!


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