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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Winner Is…

Hi gang hope every one has had a good hump day. Turned out to be a nice day here today. I believe it got to 70* worm enough to wash the car. I over heard a conversation with a flock of birds. They said as they were flying over, hey look at that Chevy down there. Less get a better look. So they landed in my big oak tree and hopped around looking and commenting. I bet you didn’t know that when a flock of birds talk they CRAP! Imagine for a moment listening to the birds talk. Hey look squirt at that shine squirt! Yea man squirt I bet he didn’t do that job himself squirt! Squirt, squirt hahaha you got squirt that right! Bjess look squirt at all the squirt spots, he will have to squirt wash squirt, squirt his car again squirt!
About this time I come out the door and they all fly of squirting and laughing.

Did all of you here who the sexist man alive award went to…

Yep Jude Law!

I think you already know the sexist woman was…

Angelina Jolie.

Thought for the day, I didn’t agree with them for the lady my choice is over at BoydCreek2 have a look but guess first!


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