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Sunday, November 21, 2004


Hi gang the weekend is about over I hope every one has enjoyed themselves. As always it just went by too fast. It's like the old saying don't blink you'll miss it!

Well Annika won her match in a play off. Tiger won his match walking away. He might have to join the Japanese tour! HAha! Just a little humor Tiger!

Blogwalking today I came across another terrific article for you guys to read. This one covers a lot of ground...

WHO The World Health Organization Is doing a study of six mothers to be in Bolivia, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Laos and the UK. Six different stories about giving birth in their home country. I think you will find as I did a lot of food for thought.

Thought for the day, think what it would be like to be in these ladies shoes!
Read their story here.


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