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Saturday, January 31, 2004

I just made a good post an got pushed of line and lost every thing~@*+><&!

Sorry gang I had to much and could not began to put it back in.

We had super with one of our best friends tonight. WE laughed till our side hurts. Have you ever done that?

WE had some distinguish guest stop by the blog today.
boz, belle, and a new Cadian friend who is on the look out for camera phones at her work out center Desire.

More tomarrow blogerrues!

Thought for the day; Love is a four letter word say it often.

Word for the day; Share-crop-per.

Blogarues another day has bit the dust! Have you ever noticed how Saturday and Sunday go into warp drive until Monday morning. Got news for you! As you get older all the days become like that. When you say you can't keep track of time every one looks at you like daa...!

Did you see I got my weather button back on line. Ha, it only took me a week. Also a few of my daily reads. These are people who know what they are doing! Put cotton in your ears they sometime rant and rave and say things that might make you blush; but they are good people, Having fun on a new medium so pitch in and enjoy there blogs.

M.J. and I had super with one of my best-friends and his wife tonight. We went Mexican again. Love there food! AS usual we laughed till we had tears running down. Of course no one noticed us splitting our sides. The waiter kept coming by saying have a goodevening! I don't no why he kept looking at the door.

Ha, life is short enjoy what you can when you can where you can! My grandpa use to say "if you cant swim in the creek nude; you better not forget your suite." Of course back then I didn't have a suite so I was not sure what he meant! Things are a lot different now. Take zoloft in the morning and viagra at night tomorrow you will be a new man.

I tried that once, but I got it mixed up. I took viagra in the morning and zoloft in the evening. Ge... I was pathatic! My wife went to work and I walked around panting all day. That evening when she came home I was sleepimg like a baby all night.

Thought for the day; Love is a four letter word that should be said often.

Word for the day; Share-crop-per.

Friday, January 30, 2004

As another day bites the dust I have the same old feeling! Where did the day go? Moving around on the blogs today there are a lot of list being posted. So.... No I am not posting a list. Mine would have to be one on things I haven't done! We don't wont to go into that. My wife is home and might come in and see it! No list...

On the QT! My son may have a girlfriend!! A collage student from where he works. The last two Fridays he did not come home until the we hours. We don't dare ask any thing. Today he called his mother and told her he was taking off early, heading home. He didn't get home until his usual time! Ah ha....

There was a stabbing on the strip last night where he goes. I heard a police Officer talking about the case on TV. He said the men were fighting over a girl neither new! Excuse me would you like to dance? She must have had a ball watching two guys cutting themselves up over her.

Meanwhile back at the creek as we settle in for the evening. It is just the two of us, and the dogs, cats, five million birds I have been feeding. I thought the cats eat a lot the birds are eating me out house and home! I am going to crash early tonight and try to read at least a chapter of fellowship of the ring. At the rate I am going it will take me a year to read the series.

I wish I had not said just the two of us. Now I can't get the song out of my head! You have heard it" just the two of us we can make it if we try. Just the two of us!" Have not heard that song in ages! What is the song or tune you get stuck in your head often? Let me know.

Thought for the day; Don't forget to stop and smell the roses!

Word for the day; Precarious.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

For some unbeknownst reason I lost everything on the left side of my blog yesterday. I spent about most of the day on it. I am slower than slow. Anyway I ran a virus scan and found nothing, Nadia zip.

Today I am trying to put my weather button back and it goes to the bottom of the page? I give up for the day. Try again tomorrow.

To make matters more complicated I have a new msn program and have been messing around with that all day.
Reading about new add owns and such. Everyone's thing is backwards from what I am use to.

Have enough to keep me buzz for a while. Man I look at all the great blogs and scratch my head. There are so many! Give up heck no I have a secrete weapon that helps me. She can't stand to see an old man cry!

If not for her I parable would have given up. She is so cool! And sharp as a new tack in a bulletin board. Why do blogdumbs like me keep at it? I think I have figured it out!

Blogers are like ham radio operators! They wont to know who is out there. To express them selfish the best they can. Age does not mater as long as you're not trying to run off with someone's kid. It takes all kind to run this old world, and there are a lot of bad apples in the barrel.

Am I starting to sound like I'm on a soap box? Heck I might run for president, they need one more on the plat form. I enjoy talking to all of you. Some do stop by much to my surprise!

Thought for the day; Shooting at someone's pigeon is not good. It could be carrying a note for you.

Word for the day; Mole.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Hi gang. I am talking to you early today. We have an emergence on our hands. My friend momo has ran out of base compound for her face! Now if you could see this beauty her husband has caught you would say why the fuss?

She is the epitome of the girl next door that every guy would like to marry. Smart, attractive, comic, cool under pressure. High marks in the medical realm, taking great care of herself when she was sick in New York. There is only one thing missing, she is OUT OF FACE BASE!

Now I ask you, would this mater to you are T-bone her husband? YOU HAD BATTER CARE! This out back girl wants what she wants and she WANTS IT NOW!!!

Listen close and you can here the ripples she has made in Boyd creek! Do you here her it is like a hurricane coming across the continent. Please someone help this young lady!

She will write volumes of sweet thank yeas for the lucky person who can bridge the gap made by those hideous people pulling her product off the market.

Please wont you please help me!

momo the world is at your disposal. WE LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Today has been one of those days! Nothing seam to go right. I wonted to post the twins birthday pictures and my program started locking up.

After rebooting about half a dozen times. I just posted what I had compressed. I did get pictures off via e-mail but it took forever with a 56k modem.

What else went wrong. Oh yea, I tried to dowelled creative commons and it would not down load. E-mail worked fine all day. I would e-mail friends in town and complain ~@#^*. No one was sympathetic!

Old man winter is biting at us again. Played golf yesterday, today windy and falling temperature all day. Expected low in the teens. Well that's what we get for hacking the turf at the club. Mother nature has a way of getting back.

Did you all here about what goes up has got to come down according to the laws of nature. Ah Ham... Did they have to include temperature in that. My heater does not no if it is coming or going. It's not good when the weather man says I don't no how to predict this!

Well we can not complain in bozarkville 6" and rising may get another 12" snow, snow snow. Boz keep it up there! I found out today our great grand daughter (two year old) is going to be in a beauty walk this coming Saturday. It your heart out Ed.

aha... Beauty how sweet it is. I found out the guy who said beauty is only skin deep needed glasses. Ouch... Just remember gang beauty is in the eyes of the beholder I am beholden to you.

Remember Jack Par to the Mam upstairs tonight!

Thought for the day; Hear today gone tomorrow. Make each moment count.

Word for the day; Frippery.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Where's the sun thaw's what I was thinking on the golf course today. We started of nice, sun shining felt good to be out. Then warm-bang the sun went behind the clouds and the wind begin to blow.

Being the only dummy @#%&* in the group I left my wind breaker in the car. I stood in the parking lot holding the wind breaker thinking should I or should I not! He who hesitates! All is well. I will only have to have a nurse for a month!

How was the game? You would have to get personal! If you must no. The game was good I just could not remember if we were playing golf are hockey. I sure left a lot of bull on the course on the green in the woods where I stayed most of the day! How did my buddies do you might ask? They did not laugh at me once!

Thought for the day; Never leave your wind breaker in the car in January.

Word for the day; Postulate.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

I am late again tonight! Just as I started for the computer my daughter Linda in Chicago called. Cold up there. Didn't have the heart to tell her how worm it is here.

Birthday for the twins went well. Lots of pictures. I will have to up load them tomorrow. When I get in from playing golf. If I am not worn out . We are walking again.

The twins were so good today. They received so many presents they did not no what to play with. They settled for the two rider cars we gave them. They new what to do and where on them in a flash. There are all boys when they were tired of riding the cars they started climbing them. We rely enjoyed them.

There ice cream and cake was good to. I was so full. M.J. Made a big brunch and I ate mine and Scotts sense he was not at home. I told him this evening he was the cause of me over eating. Had to blame someone!

The rain has moved out it rained all night and stopped around noon. I bet the golf course will be muddy. Oh well the things you have to do to play golf. Someone has to do it. It might as well be me!

Thought for the day; A bad day at golf is better than a good day at work!

Word for the day; Defiant.

Happy Birthday Boys it is tuff being One year old.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Week ends are getting me down! I think I need a shot of pickmeup. To give me a lift. Today has been a blur. I said good morning to the sun rise and looked back out the window and it was going down! What happened to the in be twine?

I went to office max with JOJO this morning. She got the new micro. Wireless key board and mouse. She also got the new USB memory hub. Neat she got the 64mb. You just plug it in and you get another drive. I splurge and bought 10 flop's.

Did a little around the house an sat back to watch golf at 2:00. Next thing I new it was 5:00pm. We saw Margaret to night. She said David is doing good. The Doc. Told her he had a close call. His main Audrey was almost closed.
Rain has moved in. It has been raning all evening. Rain, rain no snow! Sunday is the big birthday party! I will get some on my pic. of the twins. Megans best friend is staying over tonight. They have not stoped gigeling yet. Do boys gigle like that? I don't rember.

Thought for the day; Never give a sucker an even brake unless it happens to be your garden angle.

Word for the day; Possibility

Friday, January 23, 2004

Another day is getting away from me. Just a quick post for all of you wonting to no where I am at. What a day bad news travels in threes I always herd. I told you about David. Today I found out we have two at church with cancer problems. One Is not going to make it , the other is going for more test. She had been in remission.

I just got through talking with one of my golf buddies about all this going on. You never no. You can not take another day for granted. Live each day as though there will be no tomorrow.

On a bright note our Grand-daughters twins birth day will be Sunday. We are having there party at Grate Grate gram-mows house. Commonly called the farm. They will be ONE year old.( they are so cute) You new I was going to say that.

Did I here someone say it might hit 70* Monday! Not good for this time of the year. Golf anyone. You bet we will be on the course. FOUR!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Why did I ever wont to take a typing course? I am on lesson no. Four and gee. I keep getting worse. Oh well tomorrow is another day. Maybe I will do better.

I timed how long it takes me to read all the blogs I check on daily. Two hours not counting e-mail. I do get a break from some, they don't up date every day. I made a big mistake I told my wife! She said just think what you could do with that time! What a waste!

I am glade I did 't say anything abut how long it takes to look at the photologs!

less see we have compressed files! Maybe I can compress all my blog enjoyment into one small file. Say 15min. Sounds good now who out there can show me how to do that?

Boz knows but I dare not ask he is much to preoccupied with all his on blogs! It has to be someone professional (but does not charge.). There are so many talented blogers out there. I am going to have to sleep on this!

Nice weather is coming back to town! You no what that means! GOLF!! Less hear it--- hip hip who-Ray!! Here lately that's my only escape away from this bite spiting machine!

David a close friend of ours had open bypass on his heart today. He is doing fine. Can't keep a good man down. Margaret he will be heck to live with for a while. You can always tell him he had better behave or you will ground him from playing GOLF.

Thought for the day; Believe in your self, You are never alone.

Word for the day; Trust.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

We had a nice day today! High 50* but bright sun. Not a cloud in the sky. Out back next to the house it was worm. Me and the dogs enjoyed getting a little sun.

Not much going on around here today. My three year old great grand daughter is visiting. I can only understand a few words she says. Man she is a Jabber box.

My dogs have been right under me when is she leaving they seam to be saying. Her name is Alison and she wants every thin she sees. Well of course she gets what ever she wants. What did you think. She tells me she is staying two nights. Today she made me a valentine card. What a card! She said its nice.( it is to) granny will be sooo envious.

Thought for the day; Smile at every one and see if it is not contagious.

Word for the day; Optimism.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

One of my favorite blogs had a post today that I sure didn't wont or need to see. Her brothers dog was ran over and died.

I have lost two close friends this way! The last one about three months now. Her name was buff. Mixed chaw and German shepherd.

My daughters gave me Buff after Rambow was ran over six years ago. I loved them oh so much. They become like children to you in no time flat.

Buff was six week old when I got her. Cute fuzzy ball! I didn't wont another dog. It hurt to much when I lost Rambow. I cried all day that cold winter day. Remember it like it was yesterday! It still hurts.

Buff grew up in the house until she was just to big to keep inside. I put her out front on a chain. I walked her twice a day. Weather permitting. We would take long walks in the woods and I would let her run.

She would run all over but never lost sight of me. It was good for her and for me. Not only exercise but quite time for me. Over the years Buff got to the point where she didn't wont take long walks so I stayed close to home with her.

After a while I would let her run around in the yard. Bad mistake! I left her in front one afternoon and she ran out into the road. She was hit by a pick up. The driver did stop and say he way sorry. He said she just ran right out!

It was all I could do to Bury her. She was so big. She weighed about 110lbs. The ground was so hard it took a couple of hours. I tried not to look at her but could not stop. She was part of me. Part of me went into the ground with her.

All I could think of was Buff; I am so sorry I left you off your chain. I killed you and Rambow! Forgive me!

Thought for the day; We were never promised tomorrow.

Word for the day; Condonation.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Last night was great! M.J. Made a super meal and desert. I would be hard pressed to say which one was best.

The movie was Bruce God Allmitty it is funny. Our guest had to leave right afterthe movie to pick up their grand daughter. We did not get a chance to talk about it. WE all got a good laugh. The dog stole the show.

I did the first lesson on keyboarding today. Did even worse than I thought I wood. I have problems keeping my fingers on the keys. Oh well Rome was not build in a day.

Worked on the blog some. Was able to get a couple of blogs I read posted. I don't no why I can not post a none
blogspot blog? I will have to ask some one. I also don't no why you have to sign in to view my pictures?

tomorrow every one back to work. I hope every one who was off today remembered why they were of and they have a dream of their on.

Thought for the day; Do you acknolage each one you meet?

Word for the day; courteous.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

I only have a short time to post. We have company coming for super and a movie. Good friends!

We went to super with a couple from the Netherlands last night. They clued us in on there home and neighbor hood. It sounds a lot like it was hear 50 years ago.

As you can see I am still working on the blog. Having problems with listing my favorites. Also with my pictures. Oh well its fun learning.

My daughter, Jo got me a course in keyboarding and html, now if I can stay of the computer long enough to learn.

Thought for the day; Bring sun shine to some one on a cloudy day.

Word for the day; morality.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Today I am so thankful that I started reading weblogs. I read one of the best post today from a friend who is expecting any time now. Wow she gave me chills reading her post. She is so vibrant and real. No put on, not this girl.

I have not told but a couple about this site. Have not gotten up the nerve. Well on the positive note they don't no what they are missing.

I never did get a chance to try uploading pictures last night. Will try again today. Last night the phone ring every time you hung up. One of those nights. Did not get much done.

Beautiful day bright sun, about 55*F. I almost feel guilty,because of all the bad weather out east.

I read a couple of blog out of NYU it does not sound fun in Chicago for so long I Know what they are going through. When it gets down to 0 it does not mater any more it is cold cold cold!

Megan is going to stay with her sister this week end it will be quite around here. The phone will not ring off the hock for her. We will miss her she is such a big part of our live.

The Sony open does not come on until 6:00pm Tonight. What excuse can I use to watch at least some of it.

How about , no that wont work I tried it already. I no I am watching for a friend so I can tell him about it. Not bad!

Thought for the day;

It is always better to give than to receive.

Word for the day;


Thursday, January 15, 2004

All most lights out around here. The day has flown by so quick. I got a hair cut this morning and stopped at the Library and read some articles. When I got home it was almost time to pick up Megan from school

Talked to one of my best friends tonight. Have not heard from him in a couple of weeks . He has been in Florida. He is such a character I will have to write about him. All good nothing bad!

Sony open started today and M. Wie is not doing bad at all. I no the Pros are greeting there teeth. I hope she does well.

Thought for the day;

Always look for the good even when things do not look to good.

Word for the day;

Honesty; What does it mean to you?

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Yesterday seams like a blur. I worked on the site most of the day and we went to supper last night with some of our church group. Dr. M.L.K Birthday.

I have a time letting go, when I am working on a project. I try to get it done. Thankful for the help of a weblog friend, I thank I am coming along fairly well. With out her, I would be totally lost. She has been so kind.

People are amazing! I have found most weblog jockeys are down to earth. Real I wont to help you people. Makes me feel very humble. I am so wet behind the ears I have to ware a towel around my neck. Asking for help is not easy to do are give when you do not no one another

I have been asked several times why do I wont to have a weblog?

I find it fascinating to talk to people all over the world. About your little corner, and what is happening in your life.

I have read hundreds of weblogs some not worth the time of pulling them up. However there are some I look forward to reading every day they, are great. I have not learned to link text yet or I wood show you a couple that I like.

My daughter is home from school already. She has to take calculus this semester. None of us may survive this course! She is so close to being through. She wants to get into computer graphics. I wood not no where to start. She has been a source of encouragement for me.

I am spending to much time on the computer. I no that! I am not getting much of any thing else done. Some how I will find a balance. Either that are my wife is going to balance me out with a ball bat!

I need to learn how to upload pictures to my album tonight wish me luck. Make sure you laugh if it does not work. I could use some humor.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Man am I tired! We did play golf today after taking down the manger set at church. Little did I know we were going to walk. I stopped several times to see if one of my friends had put bricks in my bag. It was sooo heavy! After 4 hours 13 minutes one lost ball, scratch on the face from a low hanging branch, many sliced balls into the woods and water. I sank into my car. Wonderful day 60*f bright sun. What a day!
Thought for the day; Enjoyment takes on many forms FIND YOUR FORM!

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Well hear I am! Bet yah did not expect this. Well it just did not work out at you no where. Closed group! Oh well I am to open for that.
I left off talking about my blue birds fighting over a bird house. I have not seen any around the house in Jan. Before. They are beautiful birds. Hope they stay around.
tomorrow is suppose to be 59*. GOLF weather! I am soooo looking forward to it. Have not played in five or six weeks. We will have a threesome our forth is under the weather. We need a fourth any takers yell.