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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Hi gang. I am talking to you early today. We have an emergence on our hands. My friend momo has ran out of base compound for her face! Now if you could see this beauty her husband has caught you would say why the fuss?

She is the epitome of the girl next door that every guy would like to marry. Smart, attractive, comic, cool under pressure. High marks in the medical realm, taking great care of herself when she was sick in New York. There is only one thing missing, she is OUT OF FACE BASE!

Now I ask you, would this mater to you are T-bone her husband? YOU HAD BATTER CARE! This out back girl wants what she wants and she WANTS IT NOW!!!

Listen close and you can here the ripples she has made in Boyd creek! Do you here her it is like a hurricane coming across the continent. Please someone help this young lady!

She will write volumes of sweet thank yeas for the lucky person who can bridge the gap made by those hideous people pulling her product off the market.

Please wont you please help me!

momo the world is at your disposal. WE LOVE YOU!


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