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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Today has been one of those days! Nothing seam to go right. I wonted to post the twins birthday pictures and my program started locking up.

After rebooting about half a dozen times. I just posted what I had compressed. I did get pictures off via e-mail but it took forever with a 56k modem.

What else went wrong. Oh yea, I tried to dowelled creative commons and it would not down load. E-mail worked fine all day. I would e-mail friends in town and complain ~@#^*. No one was sympathetic!

Old man winter is biting at us again. Played golf yesterday, today windy and falling temperature all day. Expected low in the teens. Well that's what we get for hacking the turf at the club. Mother nature has a way of getting back.

Did you all here about what goes up has got to come down according to the laws of nature. Ah Ham... Did they have to include temperature in that. My heater does not no if it is coming or going. It's not good when the weather man says I don't no how to predict this!

Well we can not complain in bozarkville 6" and rising may get another 12" snow, snow snow. Boz keep it up there! I found out today our great grand daughter (two year old) is going to be in a beauty walk this coming Saturday. It your heart out Ed.

aha... Beauty how sweet it is. I found out the guy who said beauty is only skin deep needed glasses. Ouch... Just remember gang beauty is in the eyes of the beholder I am beholden to you.

Remember Jack Par to the Mam upstairs tonight!

Thought for the day; Hear today gone tomorrow. Make each moment count.

Word for the day; Frippery.


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