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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

One of my favorite blogs had a post today that I sure didn't wont or need to see. Her brothers dog was ran over and died.

I have lost two close friends this way! The last one about three months now. Her name was buff. Mixed chaw and German shepherd.

My daughters gave me Buff after Rambow was ran over six years ago. I loved them oh so much. They become like children to you in no time flat.

Buff was six week old when I got her. Cute fuzzy ball! I didn't wont another dog. It hurt to much when I lost Rambow. I cried all day that cold winter day. Remember it like it was yesterday! It still hurts.

Buff grew up in the house until she was just to big to keep inside. I put her out front on a chain. I walked her twice a day. Weather permitting. We would take long walks in the woods and I would let her run.

She would run all over but never lost sight of me. It was good for her and for me. Not only exercise but quite time for me. Over the years Buff got to the point where she didn't wont take long walks so I stayed close to home with her.

After a while I would let her run around in the yard. Bad mistake! I left her in front one afternoon and she ran out into the road. She was hit by a pick up. The driver did stop and say he way sorry. He said she just ran right out!

It was all I could do to Bury her. She was so big. She weighed about 110lbs. The ground was so hard it took a couple of hours. I tried not to look at her but could not stop. She was part of me. Part of me went into the ground with her.

All I could think of was Buff; I am so sorry I left you off your chain. I killed you and Rambow! Forgive me!

Thought for the day; We were never promised tomorrow.

Word for the day; Condonation.


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