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Monday, January 19, 2004

Last night was great! M.J. Made a super meal and desert. I would be hard pressed to say which one was best.

The movie was Bruce God Allmitty it is funny. Our guest had to leave right afterthe movie to pick up their grand daughter. We did not get a chance to talk about it. WE all got a good laugh. The dog stole the show.

I did the first lesson on keyboarding today. Did even worse than I thought I wood. I have problems keeping my fingers on the keys. Oh well Rome was not build in a day.

Worked on the blog some. Was able to get a couple of blogs I read posted. I don't no why I can not post a none
blogspot blog? I will have to ask some one. I also don't no why you have to sign in to view my pictures?

tomorrow every one back to work. I hope every one who was off today remembered why they were of and they have a dream of their on.

Thought for the day; Do you acknolage each one you meet?

Word for the day; courteous.


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