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Friday, January 16, 2004

Today I am so thankful that I started reading weblogs. I read one of the best post today from a friend who is expecting any time now. Wow she gave me chills reading her post. She is so vibrant and real. No put on, not this girl.

I have not told but a couple about this site. Have not gotten up the nerve. Well on the positive note they don't no what they are missing.

I never did get a chance to try uploading pictures last night. Will try again today. Last night the phone ring every time you hung up. One of those nights. Did not get much done.

Beautiful day bright sun, about 55*F. I almost feel guilty,because of all the bad weather out east.

I read a couple of blog out of NYU it does not sound fun in Chicago for so long I Know what they are going through. When it gets down to 0 it does not mater any more it is cold cold cold!

Megan is going to stay with her sister this week end it will be quite around here. The phone will not ring off the hock for her. We will miss her she is such a big part of our live.

The Sony open does not come on until 6:00pm Tonight. What excuse can I use to watch at least some of it.

How about , no that wont work I tried it already. I no I am watching for a friend so I can tell him about it. Not bad!

Thought for the day;

It is always better to give than to receive.

Word for the day;



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