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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Yesterday seams like a blur. I worked on the site most of the day and we went to supper last night with some of our church group. Dr. M.L.K Birthday.

I have a time letting go, when I am working on a project. I try to get it done. Thankful for the help of a weblog friend, I thank I am coming along fairly well. With out her, I would be totally lost. She has been so kind.

People are amazing! I have found most weblog jockeys are down to earth. Real I wont to help you people. Makes me feel very humble. I am so wet behind the ears I have to ware a towel around my neck. Asking for help is not easy to do are give when you do not no one another

I have been asked several times why do I wont to have a weblog?

I find it fascinating to talk to people all over the world. About your little corner, and what is happening in your life.

I have read hundreds of weblogs some not worth the time of pulling them up. However there are some I look forward to reading every day they, are great. I have not learned to link text yet or I wood show you a couple that I like.

My daughter is home from school already. She has to take calculus this semester. None of us may survive this course! She is so close to being through. She wants to get into computer graphics. I wood not no where to start. She has been a source of encouragement for me.

I am spending to much time on the computer. I no that! I am not getting much of any thing else done. Some how I will find a balance. Either that are my wife is going to balance me out with a ball bat!

I need to learn how to upload pictures to my album tonight wish me luck. Make sure you laugh if it does not work. I could use some humor.


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