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Friday, January 23, 2004

Another day is getting away from me. Just a quick post for all of you wonting to no where I am at. What a day bad news travels in threes I always herd. I told you about David. Today I found out we have two at church with cancer problems. One Is not going to make it , the other is going for more test. She had been in remission.

I just got through talking with one of my golf buddies about all this going on. You never no. You can not take another day for granted. Live each day as though there will be no tomorrow.

On a bright note our Grand-daughters twins birth day will be Sunday. We are having there party at Grate Grate gram-mows house. Commonly called the farm. They will be ONE year old.( they are so cute) You new I was going to say that.

Did I here someone say it might hit 70* Monday! Not good for this time of the year. Golf anyone. You bet we will be on the course. FOUR!!!


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