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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

We had a nice day today! High 50* but bright sun. Not a cloud in the sky. Out back next to the house it was worm. Me and the dogs enjoyed getting a little sun.

Not much going on around here today. My three year old great grand daughter is visiting. I can only understand a few words she says. Man she is a Jabber box.

My dogs have been right under me when is she leaving they seam to be saying. Her name is Alison and she wants every thin she sees. Well of course she gets what ever she wants. What did you think. She tells me she is staying two nights. Today she made me a valentine card. What a card! She said its nice.( it is to) granny will be sooo envious.

Thought for the day; Smile at every one and see if it is not contagious.

Word for the day; Optimism.


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