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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Why did I ever wont to take a typing course? I am on lesson no. Four and gee. I keep getting worse. Oh well tomorrow is another day. Maybe I will do better.

I timed how long it takes me to read all the blogs I check on daily. Two hours not counting e-mail. I do get a break from some, they don't up date every day. I made a big mistake I told my wife! She said just think what you could do with that time! What a waste!

I am glade I did 't say anything abut how long it takes to look at the photologs!

less see we have compressed files! Maybe I can compress all my blog enjoyment into one small file. Say 15min. Sounds good now who out there can show me how to do that?

Boz knows but I dare not ask he is much to preoccupied with all his on blogs! It has to be someone professional (but does not charge.). There are so many talented blogers out there. I am going to have to sleep on this!

Nice weather is coming back to town! You no what that means! GOLF!! Less hear it--- hip hip who-Ray!! Here lately that's my only escape away from this bite spiting machine!

David a close friend of ours had open bypass on his heart today. He is doing fine. Can't keep a good man down. Margaret he will be heck to live with for a while. You can always tell him he had better behave or you will ground him from playing GOLF.

Thought for the day; Believe in your self, You are never alone.

Word for the day; Trust.


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