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Monday, January 26, 2004

Where's the sun thaw's what I was thinking on the golf course today. We started of nice, sun shining felt good to be out. Then warm-bang the sun went behind the clouds and the wind begin to blow.

Being the only dummy @#%&* in the group I left my wind breaker in the car. I stood in the parking lot holding the wind breaker thinking should I or should I not! He who hesitates! All is well. I will only have to have a nurse for a month!

How was the game? You would have to get personal! If you must no. The game was good I just could not remember if we were playing golf are hockey. I sure left a lot of bull on the course on the green in the woods where I stayed most of the day! How did my buddies do you might ask? They did not laugh at me once!

Thought for the day; Never leave your wind breaker in the car in January.

Word for the day; Postulate.


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