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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Week ends are getting me down! I think I need a shot of pickmeup. To give me a lift. Today has been a blur. I said good morning to the sun rise and looked back out the window and it was going down! What happened to the in be twine?

I went to office max with JOJO this morning. She got the new micro. Wireless key board and mouse. She also got the new USB memory hub. Neat she got the 64mb. You just plug it in and you get another drive. I splurge and bought 10 flop's.

Did a little around the house an sat back to watch golf at 2:00. Next thing I new it was 5:00pm. We saw Margaret to night. She said David is doing good. The Doc. Told her he had a close call. His main Audrey was almost closed.
Rain has moved in. It has been raning all evening. Rain, rain no snow! Sunday is the big birthday party! I will get some on my pic. of the twins. Megans best friend is staying over tonight. They have not stoped gigeling yet. Do boys gigle like that? I don't rember.

Thought for the day; Never give a sucker an even brake unless it happens to be your garden angle.

Word for the day; Possibility


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