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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Blogarues another day has bit the dust! Have you ever noticed how Saturday and Sunday go into warp drive until Monday morning. Got news for you! As you get older all the days become like that. When you say you can't keep track of time every one looks at you like daa...!

Did you see I got my weather button back on line. Ha, it only took me a week. Also a few of my daily reads. These are people who know what they are doing! Put cotton in your ears they sometime rant and rave and say things that might make you blush; but they are good people, Having fun on a new medium so pitch in and enjoy there blogs.

M.J. and I had super with one of my best-friends and his wife tonight. We went Mexican again. Love there food! AS usual we laughed till we had tears running down. Of course no one noticed us splitting our sides. The waiter kept coming by saying have a goodevening! I don't no why he kept looking at the door.

Ha, life is short enjoy what you can when you can where you can! My grandpa use to say "if you cant swim in the creek nude; you better not forget your suite." Of course back then I didn't have a suite so I was not sure what he meant! Things are a lot different now. Take zoloft in the morning and viagra at night tomorrow you will be a new man.

I tried that once, but I got it mixed up. I took viagra in the morning and zoloft in the evening. Ge... I was pathatic! My wife went to work and I walked around panting all day. That evening when she came home I was sleepimg like a baby all night.

Thought for the day; Love is a four letter word that should be said often.

Word for the day; Share-crop-per.


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