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Thursday, January 29, 2004

For some unbeknownst reason I lost everything on the left side of my blog yesterday. I spent about most of the day on it. I am slower than slow. Anyway I ran a virus scan and found nothing, Nadia zip.

Today I am trying to put my weather button back and it goes to the bottom of the page? I give up for the day. Try again tomorrow.

To make matters more complicated I have a new msn program and have been messing around with that all day.
Reading about new add owns and such. Everyone's thing is backwards from what I am use to.

Have enough to keep me buzz for a while. Man I look at all the great blogs and scratch my head. There are so many! Give up heck no I have a secrete weapon that helps me. She can't stand to see an old man cry!

If not for her I parable would have given up. She is so cool! And sharp as a new tack in a bulletin board. Why do blogdumbs like me keep at it? I think I have figured it out!

Blogers are like ham radio operators! They wont to know who is out there. To express them selfish the best they can. Age does not mater as long as you're not trying to run off with someone's kid. It takes all kind to run this old world, and there are a lot of bad apples in the barrel.

Am I starting to sound like I'm on a soap box? Heck I might run for president, they need one more on the plat form. I enjoy talking to all of you. Some do stop by much to my surprise!

Thought for the day; Shooting at someone's pigeon is not good. It could be carrying a note for you.

Word for the day; Mole.


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