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Saturday, October 31, 2015

End of the Month of October 2015

Good evening friends, here it is the end of Oct. 10/31 2015 and I'm still struggling with face Book! Why I don't know. Gossip, pictures, friends, news? Why can't I just stop!!!! I suppose it's not having much to say, most of my post are just small talk and a photo here and there.

Today we have two grandchildren and three great grands visiting, it's our sons Birthday. His last year
in the forties. He has really enjoyed having the children here. Before they go home we will light candles on his big Halloween  cookie and sing Happy Birthday. The kids will get a kick out of that.

It's also my son in laws Birthday and Couch Nick Saben's  Birthday! Roll Tide Roll. Auburn lost to Old Miss today, now they own the State in Foot Ball. Tide plays LSU next week, and will be a tough game for Bama. Well will close for now, have to take the kids home, have a Grand November, hope you remember to turn your clock forward tonight!


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