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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Slow Mode

Hi gang, I have tried to get around to every one but for some reason I am hung in first gear! My puter is draging so slow. I have checked for virous, spyware, e-mail over load! All look ok! Some sights take threeto four minutes to load and another couple of minutes to get all the sight. Any way I am watching the Auto Club 500 and keeping an eye on golf! Have a good day and one heck of a Monday K!

Thought for the day, live is just a bowl of cherries, here on the creek you have to settle for black berries!

Friday, February 25, 2005

Blond Guest

Hi gang you have made it again! I hope all of you have a great weekend. Not much going on here. I have watched the world match play just about all day today, In case you havent heard Tiger lost and so did VJ! That's golf.
I had an unexpected guest over night and I belive my wife is a little jelious! I took a couple of pictures for you to judge for yourself if she should be upset with me...

Thought for the day, telling you to have a good weekend is like telling Bill Gates to take coupons to shop with!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hi gang, when I found out I was going to be forced to retire, I took a day and my VHS camera an went through my life here in Alabama. I started with the house I was born in, where I was raised and played. Our first home away from my mothers parents. The schools I went to, the ore mines where my father was killed.
* I thought I had every thing on film. I showed the film to my wife and at the end, she asked why I left off the last place where mother and I lived. Strange I should forget this. It was an apartment over a drug store; mother and I were living there when my wife and I eloped.
* Strange leaving this out! I had lived there through some troubled years in my life. We moved there after having to sell our house because my step dad fell of the wagon and was drunk out of his mind every day. He lost his job and went through every thing mom had before he left us to fence for our self.
* Mother had not worked in a long time and was forced to scramble to get a job and a roof over our head. We were fortunate enough to be getting a S.S. check from my dad. Without that check we would have been up a creek! My step dad even tried to get the check away from us and wound up spending three years in prison for it. That's a story in itself no need dragging you through it.
* I was thinking about this today and have tried to reason it out, why I had left this out of the film. I was living there when I meet my wife. When I had my first real job at a ford dealership as a mechanics helper. There was some bad times but a lot more good than bad. Mother was still living there when my wife and I went to Chicago. I must have blocked it out of my mind because this is were we went after loosing every thing and where I was when I ran away to get married.
* Thought for the day, I am doing too much thinking!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My Get Up and Go, Got Up and Went

Hi gang, Tuesday is clipping right along. I worked in the room just about all day yesterday. My son installed me a new light & fan and Shelley and I put together a new computer desk. The desk had a million pieces to it. My power driver was down with a dead battery. Someone forgot to charge it back up the last time it was used. So it was all done by hand, I have a big blister in the center of my hand

Megan came home yesterday and didn’t say a word. Her mom must have told her not to say anything. Any way Tina has done nothing but run her dad around for the last two days. So far I have not seen him.

I had a nice e-mail from my daughter in Chicago she sent pix of there Valentine dance. I miss her so much. Wish they were closer. They have talked of building in Tennessee.

Also I ran across an art- work that Critter Chick will like so I am posting it to…

Elephants paint on the canvas during new Guinness record attempt of most expensive paint by elephants at Maesa elephant camp in Chiang Mai province northern Thailand. (AFP/File)

Thought for the day, that old saying "you can’t teach an old dog new tricks" is foiled. I learn something every day!

Monday, February 21, 2005

You have Mail

Hi gang, Monday went by pretty quick for me. Course most days do go by quick for me! I hope ever o had a good one especially all those who are not feeling well. It looks like the bug is making its rounds again.

It has been so damp here my room project has slowed waiting for paint to dry. It was suppose to rain today but it went north of us and we had a pleasant day. The sand color on the walls looks good. We went with an off white for the wood- work. I have to pick up new wood for the windows trim.

This morning I got the phone call I have been dreading. Megan’s dad got out of jail last night. The rat lied to me right of the bat. They lat him go at midnight and he told me he sat in a park all night. He was waiting for a good time to call here. (He was at his aunt’s house all night) Megan went up to her sisters so they could spend time with him. I want him out of there life period! They say but papa he is our dad!

I have some more pixs for you guys but I will wait for another day! Have a good one!

Thought for the day, Lord how many times should I forgive my brother, seven times? No I say to you forgive him forty times seven!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

A Win is a Win!

Hi gang you week is winding down quick! It is raining here and has been all afternoon. Not much going on today. I was flipping back and forth watching the Daytona 500 and golf. I got so excited with racing I don’t no who won in golf!

Talking two extremes, Gordon up front all day and Jr.18th then come up and almost win!
Jeff owes his teammate. Jr. would have won! I knew that would happen luck was in there favor today!

Here is a pix you want find on TV or in the news from I rack…

Thought for the day, it is not “wither you win or loose but how you play the game”. Try telling that to a sport enthuses!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Quite Birth Day

Hi gang, Saturday sure went by quick. We had family in for Megans Birth Day. Her best friend could not come. (She played in a basket ball game) So Megan went to her house to spend the night. Hey it's her Birth Day!

I worked in the room all day got all the wood work except the windows primed and spakled. I woll be sore tomorrow!

What you have been waiting for came in the mail today! Put this in your garden to scare away the birds!....

Thought for the day, wisdom is aquared with age. Why then do we go through a second child hood?

Friday, February 18, 2005

Not Again!

Hi gang happy Friday to every one! I was going to get on line early but as you can see it didn’t happen. Not much going on took a break from the room project. I did get pix. To share. You can see where I am. I had to do a patch on the ceiling and it is not dry in picture. I hope it comes out better than that.

Tomorrow is Megan Birth Day! 12 going on 21! We got her a trampoline last month while on sale. She is already wining about getting something else. Last night at bedtime, she said I forgot to tell you, I told the class at school, I would bring in a Giant Cookie to share for my BD! Dahl! She got her Cookie! @#%&*!

I finished my Ill. Friday pix last night and hit the off button again with my foot! Oh NO! Not again! Yep I lost it, had to start all over!

Thought for the day, when I was 12 I had a crush on a pretty little girl. Now I am hoping a boy does not show up here tomorrow asking for Megan!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

‘Is The Doctor In’

Hi gang, hope every one had a good hump day. Mine was YUCK! I spent most of the day with my daughter at the doc. Office. She has been sick for two weeks. I put my foot down and made her call in and tell them we were coming.

It turns out she has phenomena and a kidney infection! She was running a 103* fever when we got to the Doc. Office. Two shots and medication to take for a week if no better must go to hospital. She is better today, will have to see how it goes with her the rest of the week.

Last night was the start of our Lenten service every Wednesday. My wife is heading that up and is a nervous wreck trying to make sure all is well! We share a common meal together and a gospel reading. A short presentation and discussion. 5:30 till 7:30. I went in a helped sat up, serve and washed dishes. All went well but I was worn out when I got home.

Thought for the day, faith is very privet but shared with every one!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Hi gang, hope all are doing well. I have lost myself in the room project I told you about. Windows are in two coats of paint is on. (Light Badge) Work has gone slow because of me! I am the slowest painter in the world. Long way to go so hang in there. I will try not to be so long getting back on line.

Golf was windy but worm, wound up with chapped lips! No kissing on my big date with Megan. The dance was great! She was surprised that I knew how to dance. I thought she knew. Any way other than noisy all went well we had a good time. Her best friend was there and came home with us for an over night so she had a big weekend. Guess who didn’t go to school Monday!

Thought for the day, “once, twice, three time a lady,” she laid her head on my chest as we danced!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Broken Promase

Hi gang, well it is here that big weekend you have strived all week for. I hope you have a full schedule of R&R. Course you got to get your chores done first.

I have a full day tomorrow! I am playing golf for the first time in I don’t know when. In the evening I have a DATE!

Ok before you get all railed up. I have a father and daughter diner dance with the girl scouts! (In our case it’s granddaughter and grandfather) I am looking forward to it. She has a swanky new dress and I may have to ware a tater sack! I have gained so much weight.

I am very upset with myself to night! I broke a Promase I made about bloging. I said I would not get drawn into a political or religious debate. I blew it I got into the gay issue! I no better but this is serious and I just could not back away.

Thought for the day, “ Father forgive them for they no not what they do!”

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Happy Birth Day

Hi gang, on the cool side here today but not to bad. Tonight low 20s not good for the old bones. Surfing around I have found a lot of people having parenting problems.

We sort of flew by the seat of our pants. Having children at an early age was a learning experience of its on. We literary grew up with our kids. Living in Chicago our nearest relative were 750 miles away. Couldn’t afford to stay on the phone all the time.

We ran off and got married so we were sort of out cast for a few years. No help so we had to help ourselves. Looking back it was the best thing for us. We did it all on our own and survived with four wonderful children. Tuff you bet but the rewords have been unimaginable!

I believe a lot of problems today are parents don’t trust them self’s. They are so afraid of making a mistake they let someone else make the decisions for them. Now grant you sometimes this is good for the sake of the child. However the child is yours and there is a build in survival instant if you trust it.

I have not heard of any statistics but there are a growing number of grand parents razing their grand children. Hear again many times it cannot be helped. My son came in tonight telling us about one of his coworkers. She went to court to get costive of her two grand children. She won the case. But the children are the losers!

Today is my wifes Birth Day. All the children have checked in. She had a bad day at work so I am staying my distance. I don't want to be a Birth Day casulity!

Thought for the day, there is help for parents who have problems but few reach out for it because they think it is a reflection on them!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Hi gang, hump day down. It rained all day again today with a cold front coming through. Suppose to be back in the 20s this weekend. Maybe this will be the last cold snap but I doughty it.

Year of the Rooster got of on its 12-year cycle. I bet a lot of people had a good time last night. When I think of a rooster I think of the word Declores, which means many colors. It is a cute Spanish song.

I caught part of a talk today on life else where in the universe. A professor said, ‘we are so infinitesimal on the biological scale; we are not worth looking at!

‘The universe is billions of years old and we are but seedlings!’ He feels we have not evolved far enough to even be noticed or if we were why bother!

Thought for the day, how does that statement make you feel? I am posting a pic. I have had for a while that fits into to nights post….

This spearhead is dated back 500,000 years! We have come a long way in our eyes. To another civility on the other side of the universe we may be microorganism!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

That’s just great

Hi gang, is every one ready to yell Happy New Year again tonight? Chinese New Year, the year of the Rooster. Now for all those in no shape to January 1, now is your chance to get in on the action.

I am bushed; I stayed up after midnight finishing a book. Today I am dragging. I finished “The Mulberry Tree” it was good right down to the end then… I can’t tell you cause you may want to read it.

I believe all of you no Ellen; she has a pic. Of the neatest bike posted you got to go there and take a look!

We cooked a pot roast today and I took it over to my friends for their supper tonight. She looks real good Her husband looks like a truck hit him. I don’t think he got much rest the whole time she was in the hospital.

Thought for the day, it has rained all day today, gees it is better than snow and ice!

Monday, February 07, 2005


Hi gang, Monday is over you can coast now it's all down hill! My friend went home from the hospital today. I spent the morning visiting at the hospital. She looks good. A large scar on her neck from the surgery. She will have that from now on, unless cosmetic surgery. I don't think she will do that.

Not much going on. I just saw the proposed budget 2.5 TRILLION DOLLARS and in the hole! What ever happened to countable!

Thought for the day, some where I read ' I once saw a man with no shoes and I thought how sad. Then I saw a man with no legs and I said why doesn't the government help him?'

Sunday, February 06, 2005


Hi gang just a quick note to say I hope every one has had a good weekend and enjoying you super bowl weekend. We had Pizza UM.... Good. It is half time, the game is so/so glade I have a good book to read!

Every once in a while you hear some one complain about their job tis pic is for them...

Thought for the day, have you every thought about the money spent on advertising during the Super Bowl, I hope they sleep well tonight!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Full as a Tick

Hi gang, running late. Went to church then out to eat,Yeap Mexacin, just call me Hosa. I am so full... how full? Glade you ask, I am so full when I brake wind it sounds like a maricha band! Got to keep up the blon emige...

Thgought for the day, Do you beat yourself up when you over eat? I did! I had ice cream when I got home!

Friday, February 04, 2005

What’s in a Day?

Hi gang, it’s that time again to let your hair down slip into those weekend specials and enjoy your time off! Those that have to work, well that’s the way it goes sometime. Enjoy yourself when you can. What plans have you made?

I am supervising the installation of two new windows in my room. Hopefully by April my room will be finished and I can move the computer. (Yeaha ) I am not showing any emotions during this time I will be column and cool.

I am now accepting color suggestions. I sort want half paper half paint. My wife doesn’t like that. I don’t want anything cold. My feet stay cold all the time. I will be putting some of my golf paraphernalia up. A nice golf green on one wall would be nice. Although she might have a hart attack if I suggest it. I have two great paintings of Augusta National that will go up for sure. I thought about a hot tub but that might be dangerous bloging!

Thought for the day, my granpa use to say, son if you get your own room remember you don’t own it your just aloud to use it! Oh yea Happy Birth Day Phyllis!!!!!

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Hi gang; it is that time of the week again. Fridays seam to be rolling around pretty quick. For a cold rainy week it went by good. I hope it has been a good week for all of you as well.

Last Friday a good friend of ours wife (she is a good friend too) Retired from the state mental health system as a bookkeeper. Monday she had surgery on her neck far a blockage in her artery. Tuesday she started having trouble breathing and they started giving her oxygen. Wend say evening she had a mild stroke. Not to server affected her right arm and hand. I talked to her today, she is really down. Please keep her in mind and your prayers. They are a special couple. What a way to start your retirement!

Thought for the day, live each day as though it may be your last, it just might be!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Now & Again

Hi gang, soggy hump day hear! Paux. Said play it again six more weeks! Say it ant so! I no now, why Cape Town is not getting in rain. Mother is dropping it all over here. When the sun does come back out I will have to ware dark, dark sunglasses and lots of sunscreen. My golf tan is just about gone; I look like one of those caves people! Course with no hair!

I ran across this sight for you to look at some want like it be to those that do enough said.

Also some one wants to make sure I keep smiling…

Subject: Taking time off

I decided that I needed a few days off and I realized that I ran out of vacation time already. I figured the best way to get the Boss to send me home was to act a little crazy. I figured he'd think I was burning out and give me some time off.

I went into work early the other day and began hanging upside down from the

Just then one of my coworkers (she's'll be important later) came
in and asked me what I was doing. "Shah," I said, "I'm acting crazy to get a few days off. I'm a light bulb."

A second later the Boss walked by and asked me what I was doing. "I'm a light bulb!" I exclaimed.

"You're going crazy," he said. "Take a few days off."

With that, I jumped down and started walking out. The blonde started following me and the Boss asked where she was going.

She said you don’t expect me to work in the dark!

Thought for the day, it never séances to amaze me how our government operates. No tax increase = largest deficit in history and the bills are paid out of social security. My granpa use to say son don’t worry about our taxes grama does like Uncle Sam she rubies Peter to pay Paul!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Hi gang, man I blinked and the day is gone! I was going to rest my eyes at lunch- time so I closed me eyes for five minutes. Forty-five minutes later I looked at the clock and said Gaulle! I am sure all of you have done this at one time or another but it sure makes you feel strange! I am not sure where I am going but I am going to get there in a hurry.

There is so much going on around the world right now if you blink you will get lost in the shuffle. I was reading an article this morning that started out with “Transistor becomes Obsolete!” I could not believe my eyes! The backbone of miniaturization will soon be replaced with tiny acid latches smaller than a human hair! This will spark a whole new technology. Where will the limits be in another fifty years?

A husband and wife are getting ready for bed. The wife is standing in front of a full-length mirror taking a hard look at herself. "You know, dear," she says, "I look in the mirror, and I see an old woman. My face is all wrinkled, my hair is grey, my shoulders are hunched over, I've got fat legs, and my arms are all flabby." She turns to her husband and says, "Tell me something positive to make me feel better about myself." He studies hard for a moment thinking about it and then says in a soft, thoughtful voice, "Well, there's nothing wrong with your eyesight." Services for the husband will be held Saturday morning at 10:30 at St. Anselm's Memorial Chapel.

Thought for the day, I have been asked if I’m ok? I have my good days and bad days like all of you have. The cold weather bothers me a lot. I don’t get out much in cold weather. My trimmers have progressed again. It seams to be advancing faster than it has been. This coupled with the ringing in my ears is pretty bad at times. My only peace is when I sleep. I am thankful for every day and to have such good blog friends. Shalom!