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Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Hi gang, hump day down. It rained all day again today with a cold front coming through. Suppose to be back in the 20s this weekend. Maybe this will be the last cold snap but I doughty it.

Year of the Rooster got of on its 12-year cycle. I bet a lot of people had a good time last night. When I think of a rooster I think of the word Declores, which means many colors. It is a cute Spanish song.

I caught part of a talk today on life else where in the universe. A professor said, ‘we are so infinitesimal on the biological scale; we are not worth looking at!

‘The universe is billions of years old and we are but seedlings!’ He feels we have not evolved far enough to even be noticed or if we were why bother!

Thought for the day, how does that statement make you feel? I am posting a pic. I have had for a while that fits into to nights post….

This spearhead is dated back 500,000 years! We have come a long way in our eyes. To another civility on the other side of the universe we may be microorganism!


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