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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Now & Again

Hi gang, soggy hump day hear! Paux. Said play it again six more weeks! Say it ant so! I no now, why Cape Town is not getting in rain. Mother is dropping it all over here. When the sun does come back out I will have to ware dark, dark sunglasses and lots of sunscreen. My golf tan is just about gone; I look like one of those caves people! Course with no hair!

I ran across this sight for you to look at some want like it be to those that do enough said.

Also some one wants to make sure I keep smiling…

Subject: Taking time off

I decided that I needed a few days off and I realized that I ran out of vacation time already. I figured the best way to get the Boss to send me home was to act a little crazy. I figured he'd think I was burning out and give me some time off.

I went into work early the other day and began hanging upside down from the

Just then one of my coworkers (she's'll be important later) came
in and asked me what I was doing. "Shah," I said, "I'm acting crazy to get a few days off. I'm a light bulb."

A second later the Boss walked by and asked me what I was doing. "I'm a light bulb!" I exclaimed.

"You're going crazy," he said. "Take a few days off."

With that, I jumped down and started walking out. The blonde started following me and the Boss asked where she was going.

She said you don’t expect me to work in the dark!

Thought for the day, it never séances to amaze me how our government operates. No tax increase = largest deficit in history and the bills are paid out of social security. My granpa use to say son don’t worry about our taxes grama does like Uncle Sam she rubies Peter to pay Paul!


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